The Cost of Business

October 04, 2023


Kora here from the Orijin team 👋🏾

When we embarked on this crazy journey a year and a half ago and successfully launched Orijin in May 2022, we did not anticipate the overwhelming positive response from our community. In our first three months in business, we sold out our first batch of production and continued to grow well into our first year in business.

We also didn’t foresee the challenges that come with doing business with suppliers, vendors, and the like. The residual impact of the coronavirus on global supply chains combined with the inflation hitting an all time high of 9% has lead to rising costs of raw materials, production, freight, packaging, marketing, vending — you name it, it’s risen.

In order to maintain the highest-quality of ethically-sourced products, and to sustain a healthy and growing business, we have made the critical decision to raise the price of our products at a 10–14% increase. Our new prices will go into effect October 4, 2023.

  • The Hibiscus Powder will now be priced at $30.
  • The Hibiscus Mist will now be priced at $25.
  • The Hibiscus Nectar will now be priced at $42.

This increase will allow us to always source the best and most reliable suppliers and upkeep our high standards. We appreciate your continued support as we navigate this journey 🫶🏾

Send us a note if you have any comments, we’re always happy to hear from you.


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