The Hibiscus Flower

Choublak. [shoo.blak]
Nature’s best-kept secret

The national flower of Haiti and inspired by the hibiscus bushes lining the walls of our family home garden, we are guided to share our roots through skincare. The nectar of the hibiscus flower was always a sweet treat we’d sneak in as children, unfamiliar with its natural healing properties.

The hibiscus flower is notable for its rejuvenating properties. Its incredible ability to increase skin elasticity while clarifying the skin’s complexion keeps the skin youthful. The anti-aging plant is packed with natural vitamin C and AHAs, boosting skin’s natural collagen production and clearing out acne breakouts.

Every aspect of the hibiscus line, from the scent to the texture and color, was carefully curated in order to stimulate your senses. With the simplicity of the petal blends and purity of the hibiscus extract, we want to offer you powerful ingredients for an everyday indulging beauty experience.